Wyrd Daze

from The Ephemeral Man

Wyrd Daze is a zine of experimental writing, art, and music.

My intention is for this zine to be available for free, and charge only for shipping. Bandcamp have a minimum pricing policy of £0.40 for merchandise, so I've taken that amount from the shipping charge.

I have, however, left the option to 'pay more' open. The zine cost more than $300 to produce, and any donations made will increase the likelihood of a second issue.

THE CONTENTS ARE AS FOLLOWS, with the writing and art contributors listed in alphabetical order, the music compilation listed in the final running order.


- The Everlasting Girl by Clare Applegate

- Communique by Zachary Corsa

- Glory of Glormorsel by Berit Ellingsen

- Vandals by Pete Hackett

- Home by Nathaniel James

- Burden by Kek-w

- Thresholds by James Knight

- The Blackberry Ghost by Chris Lambert

- Lusum Magnetite by Chris Lambert

- Silent Streets: Awakening by C S

- Arthur Chance and the Lacuna Breeze by Leigh Wright


- The Stranger by Matt Bower

- Map of Mistakes by Declan Kelly

- Thresholds by James Knight

- Wyrd Daze 11 & 12 by April Larson

- Beneath the Water by Dom Murphy


This download compilation contains exclusive tracks by Hacker Farm, The Revenant Sea, Lost Trail, April Larson, Chris Lambert, Declan Kelly and The Ephemeral Man. There are also two rarities by Concretism, and tracks from the latest releases by oh/ex/oh and Cloud Waste and the Calf.

- Plan 9 by The Ephemeral Man

- Resonance Picture Machine by The Revenant Sea

- The Blackberry Picker by Chris Lambert

- Heart of the Blackberry Field by Chris Lambert

- The Vandals by Cloud Waste and the Calf

- Drainstorm by The Ephemeral Man

- Playtime by Concretism

- Automated Bitcoin Mining Bloc by Hacker Farm

- You Are Now Exiting Harbor House by April Larson

- Reliquary by The Ephemeral Man

- Microwave Towers by Concretism

- Bleach Bypass by Lost Trail

- Foothills by Declan Kelly

- Beneath the Water by oh/ex/oh

- Wyrd Daze by The Ephemeral Man


All rights for the creative works compiled in Wyrd Daze are retained by the creators.

Sold Out


The Ephemeral Man

First he's there,
then he's not,
what a complicated life he's got!

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